Working With Your Workforce

Healthy Business
Access Nutrition can help your workforce be healthier, happier and more productive.

We offer a range of programs designed to give practical, expert advice on health and nutrition.  We work on your premises to :

  • Provide short one-to-one consultations through the day
  • Give focussed lunchtime talks on topical issues
  • Give you interesting, focussed articles for your in-house magazine : for example, top tips for a healthier Christmas or holiday
  • Group support for weight loss

Group support for weight loss

It’s far easier to achieve weight loss as part of a team than on your own. We work on-site with a group of your employees to help them all to reach their weight loss goals. We :

  • help them identify realistic but challenging goals
  • discuss nutritional needs
  • help with menu planning
  • give strategies for successful long-term changes in eating behaviour
  • help create a network for on-going support

Business Benefits

We help you demonstrate your positive attitude to your staff.  A positive, happy workplace is always a more productive workplace.  Encouraging better nutrition in the workforce also encourages reductions in sickness and absences.

Full Member of the British Dietetic Association Trust a Dietitian To Know About Nutrition Registered Health Care Professional Weight Wise FSB Member
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