One-to-one consultations provide motivation, encouragement and support, as well as excellent advice on nutrition.

Your consultation may be a one-off, or may be followed by two or three more sessions.  We follow what you want, and what your treatment requires.

At the first consultation we talk through the changes you want to achieve on your health and nutrition.  We discuss your medical history and any treatments you are receiving that may affect your nutrition.

In preparation for the consultation we ask you to keep a record your daily diet.  We also look at your lifestyle, to understand the demands you are making on your body.  We complete a nutrition assessment, and use it to highlight any areas of deficiency or excess.  From this we give you practical recommendations to help you improve your nutrition and reach your health and nutritional goals.

During the consultation we talk through all your current concerns.  Usually we can give you answers straight away.  If not, we will research the answers and get back to you.

Clear Communication

Our consultations are always a 2-way conversation.  We make sure that we understand your concerns and aims, and that you understand the advice and information we give you.  We always take the time to explain things in plain English, without obscure technical terms or medical jargon.

Advice, Support and Encouragement

Our aim isn’t just to give you good advice : it’s to encourage and support you to implement that advice, so that you can achieve the changes you want.

How We Help

We help people to :Weight Loss

  • achieve lasting weight loss and advice for bariatric surgery.
  • manage your IBS ( irritable bowel syndrome) and other bowel disorders. Trained in the low FODMAP diet.
  • manage food intolerance
  • stay healthy through pregnancy and breast feeding
  • advice for infant and children’s nutrition
  • reduce their risk of stroke and cardiovascular disease
  • improve nutrition for those with a poor appetite caused by cancer or chemotherapy or swallowing diffiulties
  • manage diabetes
  • manage their eating disorder
  • achieve better performance in your sport or fitness
  • develop a personalised diet for nutrigenomics (nutrition & genetics)

Weight Loss

The number of different weight loss diets around shows that, for many people, diets just don’t work.  Our approach is to look at your weight in the context of your life, and to help you change your habits into those that promote healthy eating.

We help you identify the habits that are holding you back, and the motivators that will help you succeed. We agree realistic weight loss goals, then help you to achieve them.

We can advise you on your diet if you are having bariatric surgery(balloon, gastric band, gastric bypass or gastric sleeve). Read my blog on bariatric surgery.

We work in partnership with Mr NVG Jayanthi Consultant Surgeon at Springfield Hospital, Chelmsford(Ramsay healthcare).

We currently deliver group weight management education for MoreLife (Dec 2011 to current)

Full Member of the British Dietetic Association Trust a Dietitian To Know About Nutrition Registered Health Care Professional Weight Wise FSB Member
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