Helping You Towards a Healthier Life

We provide advice and support on all areas where an improvement in your diet can bring an improvement in your health and wellbeing.

What we help you achieve

Healthy Nutrition

  • Weight loss
  • Sports nutrition advice
  • Manage diet-related diseases such as diabetes, raised cholesterol, food intolerance, bowel disorders, poor appetite, etc
  • Create healthy foods and healthy menus

The people we help


Trust a Dietitian to know about Nutrition

Access Nutrition utilises the professional skills of Nicole Croft-O’Halloran.  Nicole is a Registered Dietitian and Health Care Professional, with many years of experience working to improve people’s health and nutrition.  To be a Health Care Professional means meeting demanding, officially-recognised standards for training, professional skills and behaviour modification.

Full Member of the British Dietetic Association Trust a Dietitian To Know About Nutrition Registered Health Care Professional Weight Wise FSB Member
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