Recently joined a relatively new company to the UK myGenomics as a Dietetic adviser enabling the use of my recent Nutrigenomics studies.

What is this science?

The genome is the set of instructions telling your body how to function. It is written in your DNA as a code containing just 4 nucleotides G, A, T and C. There are millions of letters in the DNA sequence spelling 25,000 genes. 99% of the DNA sequence is the same in every person but the 1% variation makes you unique.

Gene variations are known as Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms, or SNPs (Pronounced “snips”). They are created when one nucleotide, or letter, is swapped for another, creating slight changes in the instructions your body follows. Gene variations influence all sorts of things from hair colour to athletic performance and absorption of nutrients. Once you understand your genome you can understand the lifestyle that is optimal for your wellness.

Genetics of Weight Management

The SNPs in the DNA test have been selected from the thousands in the human genome because they are linked to body mass, metabolism and muscle performance. Twin studies show that half the variation in body weight and diet response may be due to genetic factors. The genes were chosen because:

  • They have a known role in metabolism
  • They are linked to obesity
  • Clinical studies show the variation affects response to diets or exercise

Your weight is a combination of nature and nurture. It is influenced by both your genome and lifestyle. Your DNA sequence cannot change but you can change your lifestyle to match your genes.

If you would like to know more go to the company website through this link.